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 For comparison when determining your proper antique size frame, Use your (PD).... Antique Lenses were meant to center your pupils.
Dermasol Temple Covers 1.6mm   Dermasol Temple Covers 1.98mm        
RIMWAY          NUMONT          FUL-VUE          CATEYE          FRAMELESS
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AMERICAN OPTICAL True Vintage - Authentic AO Twist-In "Repair" Nose Pads   Item image    
AO Repair Pads   AO -Frameless LOUPE'   AO Motorcycle Shades   AO Rimway Crossley
Item image   Item image    
Art Craft Cats   SHURON Horn Rim Hipsters   AO Ful-Vue   AO Saddle Bridge
C.O.C.   USO Cats   AO Rimwa Crossley   SHURON S/C
Item image      
UOC Wired Hipster   AO Rimway   AO Rimway   Alumnico Saddle Bridge Aviator
Item image   Item image   Item image   Item image
Art Craft Cat Eye   Art Craft Cat Eye   AO Rimway   Art Craft - BigBoy
BSO Saddle Bridge   Martin-Copeland Frameless   AO Starmont   SHURON Cats
AO Cat Eye   Imperial Numont - NOS   AO Numont - NOS   AO Frameless (Unisex)
  Item image    
AO Numont - Cats   T&P Rimway   B&L Cats   G&W Pince Nez
      Item image
SHURON Benson   AO Sampson  Ful-Vue   B&L Numont   AO Leading Lady NOS
B&L Lady Burbank - NOS   B&L Lady Burbank - NOS   B&L Lady Burbank - NOS   B&L Lady Burbank - NOS
Century Ful-Fue Temples   ELITE Newark - CLEAR   ELITE Newark - BLACK   AO Rimway Crossley (Unisex)

  Welcome to Shade Tree Vintage.  
  I buy, sell, and trade eight mainstay brands of true Vintage/Antique eyeglasses & Sunshades.  
  Age on my glasses range from "New' Old stock to possibly over 80 years old, but still in wearable condition.  
  The eyewear I offer are not only great collector items, but are intended to be worn.  
  Now that we have NEW old stock for comparison, grading of used glasses is more accurate now.  
  All eyewear I receive is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, inspected, adjusted or proper parts replaced before they are offered for sale.  
  SHIPPING:  Mail, and never FREE, no matter what anyone tells you.  
  505  278-8174  
THANKS FOR COMING BY!     Michael Capps
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