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Dermasol Temple Covers 1.6mm

Dermasol Temple Covers 1.98mm

Silicone Nose Pad Covers 15mm

Item image

Item image
Antique NOS  B&L / Art Craft 60's clear plastic Eyeglass NOSE PADS - GOLD
Proper Repair pad for Rivet-On Pads.
Limited find, but....

Now Available!

$20.00 Pair




Limited & Changing Antique Working Stock


Shade Tree Vintage Collection - Antique Eyeglass Frame Screw Stock

  These are some of the antique screw sets that I have acquired in Optical Estate sales along the way.  
  They have been in storage for 50+ years, depending on the set and estate.  
  I also have factory sets of AO, Martin-Copeland, and Art Craft in stock.  
  Finding sets like these allow me to make repairs with authentic-to-the-era frame screws again, for many frames.  
  It also helps to match the correct modern made screws to the proper frame and brand, when needed.  

All work done will specify whether Modern or Antique screws were used, as the known antique screws are a premium.




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