AMERICAN OPTICAL  Rimway "Welders Rose" color glasses 

&  BAILEY 20X Beaver Butt


66 And Retired - 24 years Pipe Welder - 24 years Instrument & Controls Tech...... Have been wearing a pair of AO Rimway since 67.

Just a Old Building Trades Craftsman enjoying buying, selling, and working on antique eyewear.

You wont find any high pressure sales at Shade Tree Vintage...... It's my personal Collection, and I like every pair.

Now that I have outlived a lot of the baby boomer Opticians, I now have NOS estates to grade used frames by.

After almost a 30 year era of no parts, we now have new antique glasses again and parts available.

Being they haven't made any of these parts for 50 or so years and only so many Opticians, we also know it wont last forever!


It's a good time to get a pair of "Wearable" antiques



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